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Adam Savage net worth

Adam Savage, observed American enhancements creator, entertainer, TV character, and maker, brags total assets of $12 million starting around 2023. He is exceptionally acclaimed in the TV domain and has commitments to blockbuster films. Adam earned broad acclaim as the host of the TV series MythBusters and Unchained Response, cementing his presence in media outlets.

Real NameAdam Savage
Stage Name Adam Savage
Net WorthEstimated to be $10 million​
Date of BirthJuly 1967
Place of Birth New York City
Profession Actor, Educator, Television producer, Special Effects Designer
Best Known ForAmerican actor,
Height 5 ft 11 in
Nationality American
Gender Male

What is Adam Savage’ Net Worth and Salary?

What is Adam Savage Net Worth and Salary

Adam Savage, an American performer, host, and organizer, is generally well known for his occupation as an embellishments maker in renowned movies. Brought into the world on July 15, 1967, in New York City, he has all-out resources of $12 million and gets an enormous number of dollars yearly. Naturally introduced to a very much settled family, he went to acting school at five years old and was engaged in the production of the series Sesame Road.

Savage has acquired different abilities and is a notable craftsman in embellishments and TV appearances. With a total assets of $8 million, he has worked widely in the entertainment world in the background on a portion of Hollywood’s greatest blockbusters. His maternal granddad is known for his bosom disease medical procedure.

Early life

Early life 2

Adam’s dad Whitney Lee was an eminent craftsman who accomplished movement work for “Sesame Road” and made other craftsmanship, like free movies and canvases. Raised close by five kin, Adam grew up with numerous kids from his folks’ previous relationships. As a young man, he became keen on building, mechanics, and “fiddling” when he was the best at his bicycle at a nearby shop.

During his childhood, Savage immediately floated towards acting. His dad’s associations inside “Sesame Road” permitted him to book early voice acting jobs in the series. He likewise showed up in advertisements and music recordings. Even though Adam burned through five years in acting school, he later deserted the possibility of a full-time profession as an entertainer. He would later re-visit exhibitions before a camera, At age 19 he was centered around a lifelong that elaborate working with his hands.

Film Career

Film Career 1

Adam Savage originally made progress as a model creator in the entertainment world. Throughout his profession, he has dealt with movies, for example, “World Mission,” “Bicentennial Man,” “Star Wars Episode II: Assault of the Clones,” “The Lattice Reloaded,” “Space Cattle rustlers,” and numerous others. Beyond his job as a model creator, Adam Savage likewise filled in as an illustrator, a set planner, and a film designer inside the film business. In the wake of securing himself as a significant expert in the background, Savage slowly began to act once more. He showed up in the 2001 film “Since the World Finished,” the 2006 film “The Darwin Grants,” and a 2008 episode of “CSI: Crime Location Examination.” In 2017, he showed up in an episode of “The Field,” that year likewise had a little appearance in the film “Blade Runner 2049.”, Savage’s genuine distinguishing strength came in 2003 with the presentation of “Mythbusters” on the Revelation Channel. The reason for the series: that Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman break down metropolitan legends and well-established “old wives’ stories” to see regardless of whether they’re valid. As a rule, they go through broad trials and tests to sort out reality. The show ended up being instructive and incredibly well-known, and Savage and Hyneman were immediately popular. During the following couple of years, the two of them much time showed up on different syndicated programs.

Various questionable episodes occurred during the shooting of “Mythbusters.” Perhaps the most prominent occurrence included a gigantic blast that occurred close to the town of Esparto in California. During one test, the group exploded 500 pounds of explosives, making an impact wave that broke windows in the closed. Creation staff quickly supplanted the windows that had been all broken. Another occurrence occurred in 2011 when the group unintentionally shot a house with a cannonball. The cannonball went straight through the house and implanted in a minivan on the opposite side of the construction. Fortunately, nobody was harmed, yet the local area resented the absence of well-being safety measures. To offer to set things right, Adam Savage and Hyneman gave a show to understudies at the nearby secondary school. “Mythbusters” was first dropped in 2016 after a run of 282 episodes. After a year, the Science Station was restored, with new has. , even before the finish of “Mythbusters,” Adam Savage was at that point investigating new tasks and facilitating open doors. In 2012, he began the show “Chain Response.” The game show is highlighted on the Science Station and has groups of ordinary individuals building “chain response gadgets.”



Adam Savage, a co-host of the famous series “Mythbusters,” has an expected total assets of $2.43 million. His family, including two youngsters from a past relationship, lives in San Francisco. The assessed total assets depend on YouTube viewership information, checked.

The assessed total assets could be higher, possibly coming to $3.4 million while considering different income sources. Savage’s innovative soul and various range of abilities have permitted him to investigate extra income sources past YouTube, growing his image and creating pay. His assessed total assets are yet to begin, his family’s San Francisco home is a demonstration of his innovative soul.



In 2020, Adam Savage’s more youthful sister, Miranda, documented a claim against him for supposed assault and mental maltreatment. Savage denied the charges and guaranteed Miranda required mental assistance. The Revelation Channel didn’t report the pay rates of its cast individuals for Mythbusters, yet it assessed that Savage made somewhere between of $25,000 and $250,000 per episode. His total assets were assessed to be $8 million, recommending he brought in a lot of cash from the show.

The upper finish of the scale, which would almost certainly be payable in the last three seasons, would probably have been payable in the show’s three seasons. Notwithstanding compensation, Savage brought in cash from stock deals and talking commitment. He is likewise the writer of a few books, including “Each Instrument’s a Sledge” and “The Savage Manual for Making Do.”



Adam Savage is the main impetus behind “Tried,” a YouTube series and channel that generally rotates around similar subjects one may know about from “Mythbusters.” The YouTube channel is likewise connected with, a site that gives strengthening content. Even though many individuals are dealing with this YouTube channel, expecting Savage to draw huge pay from the project is protected.

The “Adam Savage’s Tried” YouTube channel purportedly has more than 6 million supporters and nearly 1 billion absolute perspectives. Purportedly, the channel produces more than 700,000 perspectives each day. In light of these measurements, the whole channel is to acquire more than $3,000 a day. This provides a thought of the amount Savage procures from this moderately “minor” project.

Real Estate

Real Estate 1

Adam Savage claims a few San Francisco properties, with one worth $2.1 million. Jamie Hyneman, an American expert in enhancements, has made critical progress through his organization, M5 Industry, and undertakings like MythBusters.

Hyneman’s enthusiasm for mechanical technology and imaginative manifestations has driven him to turn into a regarded figure in media outlets. He likewise fills in as a teacher, rousing others. Hyneman’s process is a of his commitment and ability, hardening his status as a symbol in his field.


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Adam Savage’s total assets in the business world are assessed to be around $8 million.

Adam Savage has collected his total assets through his fruitful profession as a TV character, enhancements craftsman, and business visionary.

Indeed, Adam Savage’s total assets are an impression of his progress in the business, especially in the fields of diversion and development.

A few key factors that have added to Adam Savage’s total assets include his well-established presence for media outlets, his enterprising endeavors, and his capacity to use his abilities and mastery in different business tries.