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Crip Mac, or Mac P Dawg, is an American rapper and an individual from the Los Angeles-based music bunch Shoreline Mafia. Sadly, Mac P. Dawg’s life stopped in 2020 when he was lethally shot in Los Angeles at 24 years old. Despite his awful passing, Crip Mac’s heritage lives on, and many fans are captivated by his resource aggregates and the new reality that envelops his life and calling. In this article, we will investigate Crip Mac’s projected total assets in 2024, along with six interesting realities about the late rapper.

Real NameTrevor Hurd
Stage Name  Crip Mac
Net Worth $1 million
Date of Birth 20 of February 1993
Place of Birth  Was born into the world in Los Angeles, California
Profession  Rapper, web-based entertainment character, extremist
Best Known ForAcquiring noticeable quality as a rapper and online entertainment character, resolving social issues and supporting for harmony in pack impacted regions.
Height  6 feet
Nationality  American
Gender  Male
Ethnicity  African American
Doing Lately  Continuing to work on his music career, engaging with his audience on social media platforms, and advocating for positive change in his community through various initiatives.

Crip Mac’s Net Worth in 2024:

Evaluating the complete resources of a deceased worker can be challenging, as it depends on various factors, including posthumous delivery, notoriety, and hypothesis. Starting around 2023, Crip Mac’s complete resources are estimated to be around $1 million. However, it is important to note that these projections may change as time passes and his music continues to be appreciated by his fans.

Crip Mac Humble Beginning

Crip Mac Humble Beginning

Crip Mac was brought into the world on February 24, 1996, in Los Angeles, California. Experiencing childhood in the city’s lively music scene, he fostered an enthusiasm for rap early in life. His inclusion with Shoreline Mafia moved him into the spotlight and acquainted him with a more extensive crowd.

After living in Texas for two or three years, he moved back to Los Angeles to remain with his aunt. He then, at that point, moved out and began moving around. He filled in as a specialist partner and later began other manual positions. He remained on 40th Street, then, at that point, on 50th Street, and at 19 years old, Crip Mac moved to 55th Street, and that is where the sorcery occurred.

While on 55th Street, Crip Mac joined a nearby group known as ‘Crip’. Due to being one of them, C-Mac has been in and out of jail, and this has helped him to determine what he needs in everyday life. In the interview, he did not discuss any particular mistakes he had made on the streets that landed him in jail.


He made videos about playing with animals, bringing food to the homeless in Los Angeles, or even threatening his opponents with death threats. He was eventually arrested for carrying a weapon. Luckily, he only spent a few months behind bars, and when he got out, he launched his merchandise called “Rat Food Clothes.” 2021 was a big year for Crip Mac; he released more music, did interviews, and gained more fans every day.

Then, in November of that year, his fans skyrocketed even more after he appeared on the YouTube channel “Channel 5 News”. The channel is famous for interviewing unique people, so C-Mac was a perfect fit. C-Mac took the Channel 5 crew to 55th Street and showed them around the area. This was the biggest opportunity for C-Mac. The video allowed him to show off his wild personality and also focused on his efforts to help people in his community. By the end of 2021, C-Mac was on track to become a certified internet celebrity.

C Mac was on track to become a certified internet celebrity

His videos showed off his unique personality, and he quickly built a large following online. As he got more popular, more dudes started dissing him on social media. One of the biggest beefs he had was with an alleged Hoover member, an artist named Jap5. Jap called Mac out for being a fraud.

As the progression of footage posted by Jap5 shows, Mac does not have the street life that he claims. Mac took notice and proposed to engage Jap5 in a one-on-one fight. However, Jap5 turned him down. Instead, he dropped a song against him titled “Activated.” This war would most likely have continued further; however, at that point, Jap5 was arrested on murder charges. However, Jap5 was not the main friend C-Mac needed to fight. C-Mac had been working with rapper Blueface through web-based entertainment for some time. Throughout 2020 and 2021, Mac continued to transfer content to his web-based entertainment outlet regularly.

In a video in March 2021, Crip Mac uncovered that he had been determined to have schizophrenia. He let his fans know that he was examined when he was a youngster, and he has battled with his profound prosperity as far back as he can recall. Suspicion is one of the main side effects of the illness that Crip has been battling. While being famous has given him more opportunities, it has also worsened his psychological health here and there.

Crip Mac Collaboration and Famous

Crip Mac Collaboration and Famous

Crip Mac gained great respect and fame as an individual from Shoreline Mafia, a rap group formed in 2016. His idiosyncratic blend of West Coast hip-hop and trap music immediately caught the attention of fans and industry insiders. Crip Mac’s commitment to the group’s prosperity was clear, and his distinctive voice and style left a lasting effect on their music.

Apart from his work with Shoreline Mafia, Crip Mac also performs songs and collaborates with various specialists. His performance projects showcase his expressive skills and flexibility as a rapper, allowing him to investigate a wide range of sounds and subjects. Coordinated efforts with craftsmen such as OhGeesy, Fenix Flexin, and Rob Vicious further demonstrate his capacity to work with a wide range of different talents.

Crip Mac

Due to a challenging life on the streets, Crip Mac could not envision becoming a top rapper in the country one day. However, in 2017, while in prison, he started writing lyrics and recorded a diss track titled ‘Cardi B’ which he released on YouTube. Since then, she has released many albums and songs available on Spotify and YouTube. She has popular albums like 55th Street, 5Mous, and Beat Mode, as well as songs like Crip Crazy, 55th Street, and Dead Body, among others.

Music has contributed significantly to the growth of Crip Mac’s net worth. He also uploads funny videos of real life on 55th Street on platforms like YouTube, helping him make more money. In addition, he does paid interviews on different shows.

Crip Mac Investment

Crip Mac Investment

Crip’s main source of income is his songs and albums. Over the years he has released about a dozen songs, most of which are on Spotify. All his songs have generated good revenue. Apart from the revenue from his songs, he also charges some money for his interviews. According to reports, she charges around $800 to $1000 for each interview.

With his new style and growing fan base, Crip Mac’s future in the music business looks encouraging. If he forges ahead with his ongoing plans, his total assets might fundamentally increase in the not-so-distant future. In the same way as other fruitful artisans, Crip Mac has placed a portion of his abundance into different ventures. These speculations, which incorporate different lands and organizations, add to his total assets in general.

Crip Mac Philanthropy

Crip Mac Philanthropy

Crip Mac was known for his commitment to rewarding his local area. Albeit not broadly promoted, he frequently participated in foundational occasions and gave to different causes, planning to elevate those out of luck. This less popular part of his life demonstrates his sympathy and his desire to have a constructive outcome for the world.

Notwithstanding his disputable picture, Crip Mac is known for his generous endeavors. He has been engaged in different altruistic exercises, including food drives and local area outreach programs.

Tragic Passing and Legacy

Tragic Passing and Legacy

Crip Mac was tragically murdered and some argue that it was probably because some of his songs were so controversial that they could have caused a lot of trouble.

On April 6, 2020, Crip Mac was lethally shot in Los Angeles, leaving a lamenting fanbase and a void in the rap local area. His unfortunate passing filled in as an unmistakable sign of the brutality and perils present in a few metropolitan conditions. Notwithstanding, Crip Mac’s effect on the music scene keeps on being felt, and his heritage lives on through his music.


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Crip Mac, otherwise called Mac P Dawg or Sippin Bacardi, was a virtual entertainment character and rapper known for his connection with the Crips gang and his presence on stages like Instagram and YouTube.

Starting around 2023, Crip Mac’s total assets are assessed to be around $1 million.

Crip Mac acquired ubiquity principally through his presence via web-based entertainment, where he shared content connected with his way of life, pack association, and music profession. He likewise had a YouTube channel where he posted recordings displaying his routine, music, and cooperation with his crowd. It’s conceivable he acquired pay through brand organizations, supported content, music deals, and different endeavors; however, unambiguous insights concerning his profit are not well known.

While Crip Mac was essentially known for his web-based entertainment presence and rap profession, it’s muddled to assume that he had extra kinds of revenue. Given his association with the Crips pack, it’s conceivable he might have been associated with different exercises; however, these subtleties are speculative and unsubstantiated.