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Eric Persson Net Worth

Eric Persson, the organizer behind Free Thinker Gaming, is a conspicuous business person in the US gaming industry. With total assets of $2.1 billion, Persson has had a significant impact on the poker world due to his strategic gameplay and numerous victories. As 2024 methodologies, there is expanding interest in his total assets and how his poker profession has added to it. This article gives a top-to-bottom examination of Persson’s total assets in 2024, his poker profession, and the elements that have added to his abundance.

Real NameEric Hans Persson
Stage Name Eric Persson
Net Worth$40 million
Date of BirthFebruary 12, 1975
Place of Birth Hoquiam, Washington
Profession Entrepreneur
Best Known ForEric Persson is best known for participating in a cash game poker match and his role in Maverick Gaming
Height 5 feet 9 inches (1.81 meters)​
Nationality American
Gender Male

Eric Persson’s Net Worth

Eric Perssons Net Worth

An eminent person in the poker and wagering organizations, Eric Persson is accepted to be valued at $500 million. His organization, Protester Gaming, has a market valuation of more than $2 billion and is the essential wellspring of his riches. Persson’s monetary achievement can credited to his clever ventures and pioneering abilities. His stake of more than $400 million in NetEnt makes him a huge player in the gaming and club enterprises, which is fitting given his commitments to the field.

Notwithstanding his commitments to NetEnt, Persson is likewise the Proprietor and Chief of Nonconformist Gaming, an organization growing its presence in the gambling club industry. With a project worth approximately $1 billion, Free Thinker Gaming aims to become a $5 billion enterprise in the next five years. Through strategic acquisitions, such as four card rooms in Washington state for $80.5 million, Free Thinker Gaming now owns 31 gaming properties in Nevada, Colorado, and Washington.

Eric Persson’s Early Life

Eric Perssons Early Life

Raised in an unassuming local area, he tracked down his excitement for poker very right off the bat throughout everyday life. Eric spent a huge part of his initial years leveling up his poker abilities. He started by playing with companions and later partook in neighborhood contests. His devotion in the long run paid off,  him to contend at more significant levels and become an expert. All through this period, Eric likewise fostered a distinct fascination with the business parts of the gaming business. Eric Persson, a Swedish businessperson and financial backer, investigated different open doors inside the field, establishing the groundwork for his future achievement. He holds a four-year college education in correspondence, political theory, government, policing, and humanism from the College of Nevada-Las Vegas and a Juris Doctorate from Georgetown College Regulation Center. He joined his dad’s business and extended it into the extravagance design brand, Hennes and Mauritz (H&M).

As he progressed through his poker calling, he continued to develop his understanding and appreciation of the club world, which showed in the years to come. During this time, Eric’s life stayed stable, with a nearby organization of companions and a steady family. They assumed a critical part in his excursion, giving him the solace and inspiration expected to explore the highs and lows of his profession. As he acquired insight and abundance in the poker and gambling club ventures, Eric kept on becoming an individual, continuously looking for new plans to an on the business. Persson established H&M in 1952 and combined two stores to make Kinnevik Stomach Muscle in 1976. From that point forward, the organization has put resources into different businesses, including media, broadcast communications, and innovation. With an expected total assets of $10 billion, Persson is perhaps the person in Sweden. He has given more than $100 million to magnanimous associations, including the World Untamed Life Asset and the Assembled Countries Kids’ Asset. Persson is a functioning financial backer in startup innovation organizations and has made a few speculations through his funding firm, Persson Adventures. He is an energetic vehicle devotee, explorer, avid supporter, and craftsmanship sweetheart. Regardless of his business achievements, Persson is known for his extreme way of life and humanitarian endeavors. With an expected total assets of $1.2 billion, he is a conspicuous figure in the Swedish business local area.


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Eric Persson’s excursion in the realm of poker is completely motivating. He began playing poker early in life and immediately fostered a talent for the game. His vital interactivity and capacity to peruse his rivals have been key to his prosperity. Persson’s advantage in poker began in his youth. He was interested in the essential aspects of the game and spent countless hours honing his skills. His commitment and energy paid off as he started partaking in nearby rivalries and earning respect. Persson’s expert poker profession took off when he began partaking in global competitions. His most critical achievement came in 2005 when he won the European Poker Visit. This achievement built up his certainty and laid him out as a noteworthy player in the poker world. Throughout the long term, Persson has accomplished a few huge triumphs, including different comes out top for of the Overall Title of Poker (WSOP) armband and regular appearances at the last tables of significant competitions. His excursion to progress in the gaming business started with humble starting points. He began as a gaming distributor, providing different gaming things to clubs. Over time, he recognized the potential for growth and expansion in the industry, which led him to establish Dissident Gaming. Through strategies and partnerships, Persson transformed Dissident Gaming into a prominent player in the gaming market.

His steady exhibition and ongoing interaction have procured him a spot among the poker on the planet. Persson’s essential type of revenue is his profit from poker. He has won several high-stakes poker competitions, earning significant cash prizes. His consistent performance and communication skills have ensured a steady income from his poker career. Notwithstanding his poker rewards, Persson likewise procures pay from sponsorships. He is a notable figure in the poker world and has been a subsidiary of numerous brands, showing up in different promotions. These sponsorships contribute to his overall net worth. Persson is also known for his wise investment decisions. He has invested in several companies and real estate, which provide him with a steady income. These investments have significantly contributed to increasing his net worth. Despite his wealth, Persson for his philanthropic activities. He has given a part of his income to different causes and non-benefit associations. His altruistic exercises further feature his modest nature and his obligation to reward society.

Personal Life

Personal Life 30

Eric Persson, child of Fridolph Hilman Persson, is a conspicuous figure in the gaming business. Eric has connections to European trailblazer families and Ashkenazi Jewish heritage, but no Native American ties. He attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas and Georgetown Law Center, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, Law Enforcement, and Psychology. He was a member of the Shoalwater Cove Clan for many years and later obtained his Juris Doctorate from 1998 to 2001. In 2007, Eric Persson married Ann and they have four children, including their eldest son, Dissident. They named their gaming company after him. Eric started his profession in the gaming business during the 1990s as a programmer at a gambling machine organization. In 1996, he helped to establish NetEnt with other industry veterans, which immediately set up a good foundation for itself as a forerunner in web based gaming arrangements.

Eric started playing poker expertly at 18 and has gone through more than 30,000 hours playing cash games for nearly 30 years. Eric began his career with Michael Gaughan, the founder of Coast Casinos. He later served as Senior VP and Partner Senior Manager at Wheeling Island Casino and Tioga Downs. In early 2017, Eric joined Aruze Gaming as a Manager and was later promoted to President and COO. He also founded Free Thinker Gaming.


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Eric Persson’s outcome in the gaming business can ascribed to his sharp business keenness and vital interactivity. He succeeds in poker as in distinguishing beneficial ventures open doors in the business. His organization, Nonconformist Gaming, has seen critical development and extension under his authority, making him a central part of the gaming and club enterprises.

All through his profession, Eric Persson has won various poker competitions and has a huge measure of abundance from his triumphs. A portion of his remarkable accomplishments incorporates winning the Worldwide championship of Poker Headliner in 2018 and procuring an award of $10 million. He likewise won the European Poker Visit in 2014, bringing home an award of $1.5 million.

Eric Persson’s prosperity can be credited to his assurance and enthusiasm for the round of poker. He can dissect and plan, which has assisted him with making productive interests in the business. Moreover, his capacity to adjust to changing business sector patterns and make vital acquisitions has separated him from different business visionaries in the gaming business.

Eric Persson’s net worth estimated around $500 million.