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Grant Gustin net worth

What is Grant Gustin’s net worth and salary?

American singer and entertainer Grant Gustin is worth a total of $9 million. Grant Gustin is most popular for his job as Barry Allen, otherwise called The Glimmer, in the CW series “The Arrow.” He assumes a similar role in “The Blaze” and voices the person in the smaller-than-normal series “Vixen.” He likewise featured as Sebastian Smythe from 2011 to 2013 on “Glee.”

Early Life

Early Life 36

Award Gustin was brought into the world on January 14, 1990, in Norfolk, Virginia, to Tom and Tina Gustin. Award grew up near his two brothers in a loving family. He went to the lead representative’s school for the artistic expressions program in Norfolk for melodic theater and later moved on from Granby Secondary School. His energy for performing expressions was clear almost immediately, and he proceeded to learn at the esteemed Elon College in North Carolina, studying BFA Music Theater. In any case, his schooling was stopped in 2010 when he offered the work of ‘Child John’ in the Broadway Recovery Visit through “West Side Story”.

Real NameThomas Grant Gustin
Stage Name Grant Gustin
Net Worthbetween $5 million​​​​ and $9 million​​.
Date of BirthJanuary 14, 1990
Place of Birth USA, Norfolk, Virginia
Profession Entertainer, vocalist
Best Known ForDepicting Barry Allen/The Glimmer in the CW series “The Blaze”
Height 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm)
Nationality American
Gender Male
Ethnicity Caucasian
Doing Lately proceeding with his job as Barry Allen/The Blaze in continuous times of “The Glimmer” and potentially seeking after other acting activities.


Career 28

On November 8, 2011, he appeared on the TV series Merriment as Sebastian Smythe, a straightforwardly gay individual from the Dalton Institute Larks. Gustin won the publicity job of Sebastian, a wanton and plotting character, following “a thorough, weeks-long projecting hunt.” He initially tried out for a job as a tap artist but didn’t get the part. Be that as it may, Ryan Murphy remembered him.He started shooting live on Monday, September 26, 2011, after completing his last West Side Story execution the Friday night prior. Gustin started shooting A Mother’s Bad Dream (2012), a unique film for the Lifetime organization, in late May 2012. The venture also stars actress Annabeth Gish and Jessica Lowndes and was shot in Canada. On July 11, 2012, it was reported that Gustin played a significant part in the free film Affluenza. On September 13, 2013, it was declared that Gustin would play Barry Allen for the second time. He at first expected to show up in three episodes, with the last one filling in as the secondary passage pilot for a possible side project, the Streak series. In any case,the secondary lane pilot plan canceled for an independent pilot named The Blaze. The pilot already got an underlying request of thirteen episodes, and the series debuted on October 7, 2014, with 4.8 million viewers, the most for a debut on The CW in five years. After fourteen days, the organization expanded the episode request to a full time of 23 overall. On January 11, 2015, the show was recreated for a short season. On Walk 11, 2016, it was recharged for a third season. Gustin additionally repeated his part in an episode of the CBS series Supergirl.

Broadway Debut and Glee

Broadway Debut and Glee

The Glee and the Glimmer star will make his Broadway debut in the new musical in light of the novel by Sara Gruen. Introductory projections have been uncovered for the impending Broadway debut of Water for Elephants, planned to start exhibitions at the Majestic Theater on February 24, 2024, in front of a March 21 premiere night. Gustin’s Broadway debut came in 2010 with “West Side Story,” where his job as ‘Child John’ gave him the primary taste of expert theater. He visited with the creation for about a year, acting in a few urban communities around the US. In 2011, Gustin tried out for a job in the well-known melodic television series “Merriment” and handled the piece of Sebastian Smythe, an individual from the opponent happiness club ‘The Larks. His presentation was generally welcomed and made him a conspicuous face among television crowds, paving the way for his future TV vocation.

The Flash and Arrowverse

The Flash and Arrowverse

In The Flash, Barry stirs from a nine-month trance-like state at S.T.A.R. Labs and winds up with godlike speed. He utilizes his new powers to battle wrongdoing and chase other metahumans in Focal City as the Blaze, a veiled superhuman, with the help of Cisco Ramon, Caitlin Snow, and Harrison Wells, while Barry attempts to distinguish his mom’s killer. At the point when he was a kid, his mom, Nora Allen, was killed, and his dad, Henry Allen, was inaccurately condemned for the wrongdoing. Barry gets support from analysts Joe West, the dad of his companion and adolescent crush, Iris West.

In 2013, Gustin’s profession took a significant turn when he was given a role as Barry Allen/The Glimmer in the CW’s “Arrow.” At first, after showing up as a guest star in the show’s subsequent season, his personality was so generally welcomed that it prompted a side project series called “The Flash.” Debuting in 2014, the show turned into a hit, and Gustin’s depiction of the speedster superhuman procured him basic praise and a solid fanbase. He plays his part in different hybrid episodes in the DC Arrowverse, showing up in series like “Supergirl,” “Legends of Tomorrow,” and “Batwoman.”

In season one, that’s what Barry finds: “Wells” is the cutting-edge speedster Eobard Thawne/Turn around Streak in camouflage. Eobard killed Nora after the plan to travel back in time to kill Barry as a child was foiled by the Flash of the future and left her stranded in the present day. After catching Eobard with the help of his partners, Barry is offered the chance to save his mom by assisting Eobard with getting back to what’s in store. He at first chooses to proceed with Eobard’s proposition, yet Barry chooses not to without a second to spare, as he is cautioned by his more seasoned self not to meddle, and on second thought, he gets back to the present and battles with Eobard, preventing his enemy from getting back to what’s to come. Barry is practically killed, yet police criminal investigator Eddie Thawne punishes himself to obliterate Eobard.

Other Roles and Accolades

While “The Flash” remains Gustin’s most noticeable job to date, he has shown up in other programs and movies. He portrayed Barry Allen/The Glimmer in the 2020 vivified online series “Deathstroke: Knights and Winged Serpents,” and he starred in the 2014 film “Affluenza.” Over the years, Gustin has received numerous awards for his performances, such as the Younger Decision Grant for Decision Television Entertainer: Fantasy/Science Fiction in 2018 and the Saturn Grant for Best Entertainer on TV for “The Flash” in 2015.

Personal Life

Personal Life 34

Gustin married actual specialist Andrea “LA” Thoma in 2018 following an extended commitment. A wellness devotee, Gustin frequently shares his exercise routine, schedules, and wellness ventures with his fans. Despite his popularity and busy schedule, he makes it a highlight to stay associated with his fans, much of the time connecting with them via virtual entertainment. He utilizes his foundation to bring issues to light about different social and ecological issues, further underscoring his off-screen job as a genuine legend.

Real Estate

Real Estate 13

On a home in Encino, California, in May 2023, Grant paid $4.8 million. Five bedrooms and five bathrooms make up the 6,600-square-foot, completed home. The merchant was Irv Gotti.


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Aside from his notable job as the Glimmer, Award Gustin has shown up in other Television programs, for example, “Happiness,” where he played the person Sebastian Smythe, and “90210,” where he depicted Campbell Cost.

Award Gustin’s acting vocation started in theater creation while he was in secondary school. He then, at that point, proceeded to concentrate on melodic venues at Elon College before seeking his expert acting vocation.

Grant Gustin is enthusiastic about music and appreciates playing different instruments. He is likewise known for his adoration for sports, especially soccer and ball.

To be sure, Award Gustin has gotten a couple of determinations and awards for his portrayal of Barry Allen/The Glimmer, including different High schooler Decision Grant designations.