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Papa Meat Net Worth

Tracker August Hancock, also known as Papa Meat, is a well-known content creator on YouTube. He is an artist, voice actor, comic, and writer. His YouTube channels, Meat Canyon and Papady Meat, have gained a significant following and have amassed numerous subscribers and views. His YouTube channels, Meat Canyon and Papady Meat, have gained a significant following and have amassed numerous subscribers and views. As a result, Papady Meat has become a prominent figure in the online news source.

This article delves into the details of Papady Meat’s resources, journal, and achievements. It covers his early beginnings, YouTube accomplishments, content, and various sources of income. Additionally, it explores his net worth and profits, as well as his channel statistics and future earnings. Papady Meat, also known as Meat Gorge, is a popular YouTube content creator with a large following.

Real NameHunter August Hancock
Stage Name  Papa Meat , Meat Canyon
Net Worth $6.5 million
Date of Birth 30 December 1982 
Place of Birth  United States
Profession  Producer and writer
Best Known ForMeatCanyon (2015), Monster Lab (2021)
Height  6′ 0
Nationality  American
Gender  Male
Doing Lately  Twitters, NFT


Early Beginnings and YouTube Success

Early Beginnings and YouTube Success

Papa Meat, known for his affection for cooking, began his YouTube channel with a basic objective: to impart his enthusiasm to the world. He started by reporting his barbecuing encounters and immediately acquired a committed following of food devotees and grill sweethearts. Drawing motivation from various sources, Daddy Meat explores different avenues regarding different cooking procedures and flavors to make tasty recipes. He is famous for his skill in grilling and smoking, using explicit gear to accomplish the ideal burn and delicacy in his dishes.

However, Papady Meat’s success extends beyond his YouTube channel’s revenue. Recognizing the demand for his unique brand, he has expanded into the world of merchandise sales. Fans can now enjoy Papa Meat’s grilling mastery at home with a range of high-quality grilling accessories and branded items. In his quest to satisfy cravings and expand his culinary expertise, Papa Meats pioneering spirit drives him to explore opportunities in the food industry.

By leveraging his skills and expanding his reach, he aims to solidify his position as a prominent figure in the world of barbecue and grilling. Papady Meat has made a lasting impression on the world of cooking with his persistent pursuit of delicious creations and innovative endeavors.He has cut out a specialty for himself among food lovers and hopeful grill specialists the same.

YouTube Channels and Content

YouTube Channels and Content

August Hancock, also known as Papa Meat, has two main YouTube channels: Meat Gulch and Papa Meat. These channels have significantly contributed to his journey towards success and financial stability.

Meat Canyon

Meat Canyon

The Meat Canyon channel showcases amusing and peculiar parodies of popular characters from Western media. Papady Meat’s distinctive animation style captivates viewers and provides a fresh outlook on infamous characters.


Papa Meat

Papa Meat


Papa Meat’s second channel, named Papa Meat, features Tracker himself on camera. On this channel, he discusses other content creators, shares his opinions on movies, and occasionally reviews viral videos. Papady Meat’s authentic personality and engaging demeanor have earned him a dedicated following.

These two channels have amassed a large number of supporters and perspectives, making Papa Meat’s YouTube presence a fundamental part of his success story. The widespread reach of his channels has led to various business opportunities for Papa Meat and has significantly contributed to his financial status. In the following section, we will further explore Papa Meat’s overall wealth and examine the financial aspects that have made him one of the top YouTubers in recent times.


Meats Net Worth Analysis

Meats Net Worth Analysis

Papa Meat’s total assets remain at an astounding $6.5 million, amassed through various avenues, including the progress of his YouTube channels and associations with eminent brands. He has effectively built a diverse range of income streams that have contributed significantly to his overall net worth.


YouTube Channels

Papa Meat’s YouTube channels, Meat Gorge and Papa Meat, have attracted a large number of supporters and viewers. The advertising revenue generated from these channels has had a significant impact on supporting his overall assets.


Sponsorships and Brand Partnerships

Papa Meat has partnered with several brands to secure lucrative sponsorships and associations. These collaborative endeavors generate supplementary income and bolster its overall assets.



Papady Meat’s Patreon page allows fans and supporters to contribute directly, providing him with a reliable source of income beyond YouTube advertisements.


Merchandise Sales

Papady Meat’s products, including barbecuing extras and marked things, have been a hit among his devoted fanbase. The income created from stock deals further upgrades his total assets.

Meat Gulch, Papady Meat’s principal YouTube channel, has north of 8 million endorsers and has gathered over 1.5 billion perspectives. In light of assessed computations, Meat Ravine creates a typical income of $7,000 each day. Papady Meat, his second YouTube channel, has north of 2 million endorsers and creates a typical income of $2,400 each day. These profits come from promotions, YouTube Premium, Superchats and Superstickers, Super Much Obliged, Channel Participation, and Shopping.

Meat Gulch and Papa Meat’s Pay on YouTube are an exhibition of Papa Meat’s productive business as a substance producer. With an enormous number of allies and billions of points of view, Papa Meat’s channels give a basic sort of income, allowing him to seek after his energy while similarly making critical benefits. YouTube gives different income transfers to content makers like Papady Meat. The mix of promotion income, premium memberships, and extra adaptation elements like Superchats, Superstickers, Super Much Obliged, Channel Enrollments, and Shopping add to Papady Meat’s general profit. These income sources, combined with his devoted crowd, have assisted Papa Meat with laying out an effective vocation on YouTube.

Other Sources of Income

Other Sources of Income

While YouTube’s profit contributes altogether to Papa Meat’s monetary achievement, he likewise investigates different kinds of revenue to enhance his income streams. Papa has spread out a couple of associations and sponsorships with various associations, allowing him to expand his pay past YouTube.

“I’m eager to team up with remarkable brands that line up with my qualities and interests. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement as I can impart unbelievable items and administrations to my crowd while producing extra pay,” says Papa Meat. One of Papa Meat’s crucial frameworks for getting additional compensation is through brand headways. He has teamed up with real associations like Better Help, a web coordinating stage, An Area of Perseverance, a notable compact game, and Nord VPN, a principal virtual classified association organization. These affiliations enable Papa Meat to embrace things and organizations he has confidence in, while moreover obtaining financial compensation for his proposition.

Notwithstanding brand organizations, Papa Meat has likewise settled a Patreon page. Patreon is a stage that licenses makers to give specific substance and advantages to their accomplices as a compromise for reiterating cash-related liabilities. Fans can investigate changed support levels and get adequately near behind-the-scenes content, early video conveyances, and, shockingly, altered whoops from Papa Meat. With the support of his gave and unfaltering fanbase, Papa Meat has seen unimaginable achievements on Patreon, further adding to his rule accomplishment. The compensation made from his Patreon page empowers him to convey phenomenal substance to his watchers. Through a blend of brand associations and Patreon, Papady Meat has truly extended his compensation sources, making a prudent financial model that maintains his imaginative endeavors.

Investments and Financial Growth

Investments and Financial Growth

As Papa Meat’s prosperity keeps on taking off, he has additionally wandered into long-haul speculations to get his monetary future. While explicit insights regarding his speculation portfolio are not freely accessible, obviously Papa Meat figures out the significance of savvy monetary preparation and making the most of chances for abundance creation.

By enhancing his pay sources and making key ventures, Papa Meat has constructed a supportable vocation as well as situated himself to proceed with monetary development.

Pay Source Percentage Commitment

YouTube Earnings 60%

Brand Organizations and Sponsorships 25%

Patreon 10%

Investments 5%

It is vital to observe that while Papa Meat’s theories add to his overall financial accomplishment, they address a particular level of peril. Comparatively similarly as with any hypothesis, cash-related gains are not guaranteed, and coordinating cautious investigation and talking with financial specialists before chasing after adventure choices is basic. Papady Meat’s commitment to expanding his compensation sources and chasing after canny financial choices include his venturesome soul and commitment to long-stretch money-related security.


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Papa Meat, also known as Hunter August Hancock, has an estimated net worth of .5 million.

Based on available information, Papa Meat has an estimated net worth of .5 million.

Apart from YouTube earnings, Papa Meat also earns income through sponsorships and partnerships with various companies. He has promoted brands such as Better Help, State of Survival, and Nord VPN. Additionally, Papa Meat has a Patreon page where viewers can support him directly.

Papa Meat achieved significant success as a YouTube content creator through his dedication to his YouTube channels, collaborations with brands, and engagement with his audience.