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Tina Knowles net worth

Conceived Célestine Ann Beyincé, she was raised via sewers and longshoremen and has total assets of $30 million. Brought into the world in Galveston, Texas, Knowles was brought in the Catholic confidence and was an individual from the Veltones, a singing gathering enlivened by The Supremes. She started her vocation as a cosmetics craftsman for Shiseido Beauty care products before changing to move movement and cosmetologist before laying out her boutique, Main Events, in Houston.

Real NameTina Knowles
Stage Name 
Net Worth$20 million
Date of BirthJanuary 4, 1954
Place of Birth Galveston, Texas, United States
Profession Fashion designer, Businessperson
Best Known ForHouse of Deréon and Miss Tina by Tina Knowles fashion brands
Nationality American
Gender Female

What is Tina Knowles’ Net Worth?

What is Tina Knowles Net Worth

Tina Knowles’, the mother of Beyonce and Solange Knowles, is an American cash chief and style originator with an all-out resource of $20 million. She has laid out two style brands, Miss Tina and Place of Dereon. Beginning around 2023, she has all-out resources of $30 million, with a yearly compensation of $3 million, she has placed assets into the land, guaranteeing more than five houses.

In 2004, Beyoncé gifted her a $1.6 million house in Houston, which was accessible for $3.5 million in 2011. In 2005, she got a Manhattan level for $3 million and wanted to sell it for $5.6 million every 2011.

Early Life

Early Life 58

Tina Knowles, who conceived Célestine Ann Beyoncé in 1954, is a style planner and business person from America. She is the pioneer behind her self-named style brand and prime supporter of Place of Deréon with her little girl Beyoncé. Brought into the world in Texas, Knowles moved to California at 19 and filled in as a cosmetics craftsman before getting back to Alabama.

She later functioned as a dance choreographer and cosmetologist before the salon’s Main events in Houston in 1990. Knowles earned respect as the ensemble originator for Fate’s Youngster and distributed her book ‘Predetermination’s Style: Bootylicious Design, Excellence and Way of Life Mysteries From Fate’s Kid’ in 2002. After two years, the Place of Deréon was out.


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Tina Knowles, an eminent style creator, acquired popularity for her ensemble plans for Fate’s Youngster, a music bunch. She made outfits for the specialists during their monetarily battling early years and styled their hair. In 2002, Knowles wrote a book on the effect of style on Fate’s Kid. Along with her girl Beyoncé, she co-sent off the style line Place of Deréon in 2004, named after their maternal grandma, Agnes Deréon. Knowles’ plan gifts additionally stretched out to the entertainment world, making ensembles for creations like “Beauty Queens” and “Fixated.” Her commitment design world is highlighted in prestigious distributions like Vogue and Cosmopolitan. Notwithstanding her plan work, Knowles assumed a part in Beyoncé’s ventures, coordinating closet for “Life Is Nevertheless a Fantasy” and showing up in “Lemonade” and “Homecoming.” In 2020, she assumed the job of a craftsmanship keeper for Beyoncé’s film “Dark Is Top Dog” and participated in conversations about friendly issues on her Instagram account.

Knowles started her profession magnificence at 19y/o, filling in as a cosmetics craftsman at a California part of Shiseido. She later worked as a dance choreographer at the College of Alabama and opened her salon, Main Events, in Houston. In 2004, Knowles sent off her attire line, Place of Dereon, and in 2010, she sent off Miss Tina By Tina Knowles, planning to work on ladies’ outlines, conceal blemishes, and cause them to seem taller and slimmer.



Tina Knowles, alongside Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, and Mathew Knowles, established the Knowles-Rowland Community for Youth in Midtown Houston in 2002. They helped to establish the Survivor Establishment in 2005 to give temporary lodging to typhoon casualties and tempest evacuees. In 2010, Knowles and Beyoncé laid out the Beyoncé Cosmetology Center, offering a seven-month cosmetology instructional class at the Phoenix House, a non-benefit medication and liquor restoration association in Brooklyn. In 2020, Knowles made a with Beyoncé’s cause establishment BeyGood through the #IDidMyPart lobby, following the large number of passings in the African-American people group in Houston. She has additionally addressed bringing issues to light on US TV and news programs.

Knowles has upheld social liberties and orientation disparity in the US, especially for African Americans and the LGBT people group. She is an ally of political and social developments, for example, People of Color Matter, African Pride, Still I Vote, and Moms of the Development. Knowles has additionally taken a stand in opposition to police fierceness and brutality against women. In 2020, Knowles was for the Authority Meeting on Common and Basic Freedoms development, supporting the entry of the Wellbeing and Financial Recuperation Omnibus Crisis Arrangements Act to guarantee medical services, monetary security, equity framework change, lodging, and casting ballot access in the U.S.

Personal Life

Personal Life 59

Tina Knowles, an effective American financial specialist and mother of two girls, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter and Solange Knowles, has made critical commitments to the style business. Brought into the world in Galveston, Texas, she is a Dark American of Louisiana Creole legacy and was raised Catholic. She sought legal separation from Mathew Knowles in November 2009, dropped the matter in 2010, and refiled in August 2011. 2013, Knowles began dating entertainer Richard Lawson, whom she had been companions with for north 30 years. They hitched in Newport Oceanside, California April 12, 2015. Knowles petitioned for legal separation from Lawson in July 2023, referring to hostile contrasts. Through her marriage with Lawson, Knowles turned a stepmother to his girl Bianca Lawson and his child Ricky. She likewise frequently alludes to Fate’s Youngster part Kelly Rowland as her little girl, whom she helped raise from the age of 11 when Rowland started living with the Knowles family.

In an open letter distributed by Time magazine in 2015, Knowles expressed “I brought forth you two, however, I have four unbelievable little girls” alluding to Beyoncé, Solange, Kelly, and her niece Angie Beyincé. Knowles has four grandkids, including Blue Ivy Carter, and sees herself as a grandma to Kelly’s two kids. With praiseworthy total assets of $30 million, Knowles fills in as a continuous wellspring of motivation through her ability and business discernment.

Real Estate

Real Estate 31

In 2004, Beyonce paid roughly $1.6 million for a house in Houston, Texas. The vocalist immediately moved the deed to the house to her mom’s name. In 2011, it accounted for that Tina Knowles was posting the home for roughly $3.5 million.

2005, Tina Knowles bought a condo in Manhattan for around $3 million. In 2011, it accounted for that Knowles was selling the smooth, fashionable condo for $5.6 million.


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Tina Knowles’ complete resources in the business world are around $25 million. She has amassed her overflow through her productive calling as a style originator and business visionary.

Tina Knowles’ total assets have consistently developed throughout the long term in the business because of her fruitful endeavors in the style and diversion areas. Her business discernment and imagination play had an impact in expanding her riches.

Tina Knowles’ total assets in the conventional world can credited to her fruitful style line, Place of Deréon, as her work as an outfit creator for different music and movies. Moreover, her contribution to different undertakings and joint efforts has helped support her total assets.

Tina Knowles’ total assets in the business are comparable to other fruitful business visionaries who have become well-known in the style and diversion areas. Her capacity to make creative plans and fabricate a business domain has hardened her situation as a rich and compelling figure in the business world.