What is Damon Johnson Net Worth?

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What is Damon Johnson Net Worth

Damon Johnson is an American guitarist, singer, and lyricist known for his commitment to different melodic ventures and groups.

Real NameLarry Damon Johnson
Stage Name  Larry Damon Johnson
Net Worth Estimates vary, with figures ranging from around $3 million to $5 million as of 2023. The majority of sources agree on a net worth of approximately $3 million
Date of Birth July 13, 1964
Place of Birth  Macon, Georgia
Profession  Guitarist, Entertainer, Lyricist, Entertainer, Performer
Best Known ForHis contributions to the music industry as a talented guitarist, singer, and songwriter are well-documented across multiple projects and bands, including Brother Cane, Thin Lizzy, and Black Star Riders
Height  1.96 m (6 ft 5 in)
Nationality  American
Gender  Male
Ethnicity  American
Doing Lately  Solo Profession, Dark Star Riders, Joint efforts, Live Exhibitions, Songwriting and Creation

Who is Damon Johnson?

Damon Johnson, all around called Damon Rogers Johnson, came into this world on July 13, 1964, in Macon, Georgia. He’s an American expert who loves playing the guitar, framing tunes, and singing. Nowadays, he is continuing as a free skilled worker and a Slight Lizzy part. His melodic trip has been especially fundamental.

Damon Johnson net worth is around $3 million in 2023.

Damon Johnson net worth is around $3 million in 2023

During his school years, he lived in Monroeville, Alabama. During this period, he and eighth-grade mates like Allen Weeds, Pat Buskill, Troy Dobbins, and Macintosh Dough Puncher fostered a profound interest in guitar playing. This enthusiasm changed over into the development of a carport band named Rebel.

Along these lines, his family moved to Geraldine, Alabama, where he finished his secondary school instruction. Strikingly, his wanted music stayed consuming in any event, during these forming long stretches of his life.

He effectively partook in neighborhood groups across Upper East Alabama, logically polishing his melodic ability.

From his unobtrusive starting points in the places where he grew up to the sweeping skylines of his following melodic profession, Damon Johnson, as a guitarist, lyricist, and performer, shows a tenacious dedication

Damon Johnson Net Worth and How He Achieved His Wealth

Damon Johnson Net Worth and How He Achieved His Wealth

Damon Johnson has total assets of about $3 million, which he procured by seeking a profession as a flexible performer with energy. He played the guitar, vocalist, and lyricist jobs, which significantly added to his great monetary achievement. Damon’s excursion to distinction started when he joined provincial music gatherings. He imparted his abilities to different groups, including Title, Split the Dull, Observer from Georgia, Chinatown, and Chyld.

A huge second came when Virgin Records saw Chyld and offered them an extraordinary improvement bargain. This key occasion moved Johnson into the spotlight, and he assumed the job of lead artist, prompting the band’s rebranding as Sibling Stick. The band, working under Virgin Records, conveyed a threesome of collections to their enthusiastic fanbase. Their process started with their named debut collection, exhibiting their melodic ability, selling a great 250,000.

Career Plays An Important Role in Damon Johnson Net Worth

Career Plays An Important Role in Damon Johnson Net Worth

Damon Johnson’s Impactful collaborations in rock music

Before Sibling Stick separated, Damon Johnson played guitar and composed melodies for Sammy Hagar’s “Walking to Mars” collection in 1997. From that point forward, he made his collection called “Residue” in 2000, which was all-acoustic and for the most part, had his melodies. He additionally delivered collections with two different gatherings, “Slave to the Framework” in 2001 and “Red Radiance” in 2003. In 2002, he played guitar on Trust Slope’s successful melody, “Cry.”

Johnson was in the band Damn Yankees for a brief time frame with Jack Sharp edges, Tommy Shaw, and Ted Nugent. They made a collection, yet it presently can’t seem to emerge. He likewise played guitar for rock vocalist John Waite from 2001 to 2003. In 2006, Johnson joined a national musical gang called Bourbon Falls. In 2009, he was important for Queensrÿche’s tenth studio collection, “American Warrior.”

Not simply in exciting music, Johnson likewise composed the tune “Consistently” for Stevie Scratches from Fleetwood Macintosh. It was the principal single from her collection “Inconvenience in Shangri-La” in 2001. He likewise chipped away at a melody with Carlos Santana called “Simply Feel Improved,” with Steven Tyler from Aerosmith singing. In 2010, Johnson recorded his variants of these tunes for his subsequent acoustic independent collection, “Delivery.” This collection likewise has an extraordinary two-part harmony with his little girl, Sarah Marlo Johnson. Alice Cooper participated with his singing and harmonica playing.

Damon Johnson and Alice Cooper’s musical synergy

Damon Johnson and Alice Cooper's musical synergy

In 2004, Alice Cooper requested that Johnson join his band. They played music together and composed melodies for Cooper’s collection “Grimy Precious Stones.”Johnson visited with the band from 2004 to 2007. By and by, in 2007, he gave the social event to zero in on his new band, Bourbon Falls. In 2009, Johnson returned to the Alice Cooper Band. They did live shows, and one was recorded and delivered as a DVD and Compact disc called “Theater of Death – Inhabit Hammersmith” in 2010.

Johnson and Cooper kept on cooperating on a fifth visit in 2011. Notwithstanding, by September of that year, Johnson chose to leave the band and turned into a full individual from Slim Lizzy. Aside from music, Johnson and Cooper likewise partook in playing golf together. They played many rounds of golf during their long periods of visiting together, which further developed Johnson’s golf abilities.

Crossing the pond: Damon Johnson’s UK debut and beyond

Crossing the pond - Damon Johnson's UK debut and beyond

After performing solo acoustic shows in the US for some time, Johnson had his most memorable independent UK show in October 2014. In November, he shaped a stone threesome and played a few US shows in April 2015. Johnson additionally showed up on “That Metal Show” around the same time.

In May and June 2015, he did an acoustic visit in the UK with Ricky Warwick. In August, Johnson filled in for a guitarist for a couple of US shows. In September, he did more acoustic shows in the UK. He visited with Dark Star Riders in November and December, including UK shows. In 2016, Johnson delivered an electric independent EP, “Reverberation,” and played at celebrations. A live collection kept in 2016 was delivered in September 2017.

From fan to part: Damon Johnson’s energy for Slender Lizzy

From fan to part - Damon Johnson's energy for Slender Lizzy

In 2011, while playing with Alice Cooper, Johnson got a call from Slender Lizzy’s guitarist, Scott Gorham. Gorham requested that Johnson join the band and supplant their brief guitarist, Richard Fortus. Johnson loved Slender Lizzy, having seen them act in 1979 and any event, covering one of their tunes, “Fringe,” on his most memorable independent collection, “Residue,” in 2000. Johnson joyfully acknowledged the proposal with Alice Cooper’s endorsement and toured with Slim Lizzy overall until mid-2013.

The band additionally incorporated their unique drummer, Brian Downey, and keyboardist, Darren Wharton. Slender Lizzy essentially influenced Johnson’s vocation, impacting him as an entertainer, guitarist, and musician. By 2012, Slim Lizzy was contemplating making new music. In any case, the musicians were all the while considering delivering new tunes under the Slender Lizzy name without their unique lead artist, Phil Lynott.

Johnson shared their interests and explained that he could not have possibly felt right delivering new music under the Slim Lizzy name on the off chance that he wasn’t essential for the band. In this way, the gathering chose to record under an alternate name and put Flimsy Lizzy on pause for some time.

The birth of Black Star Riders: Damon Johnson’s rock evolution

The birth of Black Star Riders - Damon Johnson's rock evolution

Damon Johnson had a huge impact in making Dim Star Riders, which was shaped in December 2012 as a side venture of Slight Lizzy. The band’s presentation collection, “Crap Hits the Fan,” was delivered in May 2013. Johnson worked intimately with Ricky Warwick and co-composed each tune on the collection.

Dark Star Riders went on extensive tours in 2013 and 2014 before releasing their second album “The Killer Instinct” in February 2015. The album reached No. 13 in the UK charts. Johnson expressed his dedication to the band, calling it the best group he had ever been a part of. Their third collection, “Weighty Fire,” turned out in February 2017 and came to No. 6 in the UK collection outlines. Be that as it may, after a US visit in 2018, Johnson passed on the band to zero in on his performance vocation and meeting work. Christian Martucci of Stone Harsh supplanted him.

Johnson stayed glad for his work with Dark Star Riders notwithstanding his flight. He proceeded with joint efforts with Slim Lizzy and Ricky Warwick as a component of the Warwick Johnson acoustic couple.


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Damon Johnson, all around called Damon Rogers Johnson, came into this world on July 13, 1964, in Macon, Georgia. He’s an American expert who loves playing the guitar, framing tunes, and singing.

Damon Johnson joined Flimsy Lizzy in 2011 when he got a call from guitarist Scott Gorham, welcoming him to supplant transitory guitarist Richard Fortus.

Meager Lizzy essentially impacted Damon Johnson as an entertainer, guitarist, and lyricist. The involvement of Meager Lizzy assumed a significant part in molding his melodic excursion.

Dark Star Riders’ subsequent collection, “The Can-do Attitude,” delivered in February 2015, came to No. 13 in the UK outlines.