What is Simon Guobadia Net Worth?

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What is Simon Guobadia Net Worth

Simon Guobadia, a noticeable figure in the business scene, has become inseparable from progress. As we dive into the profundities of his monetary excursion, the spotlight goes to his total assets — a vital mark of win and achievement in the business world.

Real NameSimon Iyore Guobadia
Stage Name  Simon Guodabia
Net Worth $40 million
Date of Birth April 2, 1967
Place of Birth  Benin, Nigeria
Profession  Entrepreneur, Businessperson, Producer
Best Known ForEntertainment, hospitality, and energy.
Height  180 cm(5’11”)
Nationality  Nigerian-American
Gender  Male
Doing Lately  Happily Retired

Simon Guobadia is a perfect example of the American Dream.

Simon Guobadia is a perfect example of the pursuit of happiness. He is a Nigerian-American business visionary, an exceptionally effective financial manager, and a filmmaker. He is best known for his appearances on Genuine Housewives of Atlanta, where he appears with his better half, and for his creation of such films as Child of the South and Prison House Canines. Nevertheless, his main source of wealth is his job as a pioneer and head of SIMCOL. As of 2023, Simon Guobadia’s total assets are estimated at more than 40 million dollars.

In any case, his essential wellspring of abundance is his job as a pioneer and Chief of SIMCOL. Starting around 2023, Simon Guobadia’s total assets are assessed at more than $40 million. The story behind Guobadia’s total assets is downright great. To figure out how we made Simon Guobadia isn’t anything if not an extremely straightforward individual, as we can see on his virtual entertainment channels. Be that as it may, dissimilar to his own life, his business profits are essentially undisclosed, so we don’t know precisely the amount he acquired in compensation, business stake, and film creations. This is the thing we could accumulate from a scope of sources.

Early Life

Early Life Simon Guobadia Net Worth

Simon Iyore Guobadia was born on June 2, 1964, in Nigeria to a middle-class family. He is one of eight children born to Stanley and Martina Guobadia. His father had a recognized vocation in the Nigerian prison administration, where he filled in as a deputy superintendent of detention facilities, while his mother was an English teacher. Simon Guobadia completed his primary and secondary schooling in Nigeria, followed by his time at Loyola School, Oyo State, and Government School Ughelli, Delta State. Although he enrolled in school, he eventually left both schools before moving to the United States in 1982.

Simon Guobadia’s journey toward progress is deeply rooted in the foundation of his early life and profession – a motivational story characterized by versatility, aspiration, and an unwavering pursuit of greatness. Growing up in a family that emphasized exceptional education and hard work, Simon absorbed the benefits of determination and perseverance from an early age. His commitment to education served as the foundation of his prosperity and fostered a mentality that pushed him toward higher goals.


Career Simon Guobadia Net Worth

Since he couldn’t finish his advanced degree in Nigeria, Simon Iyore Guobadia enrolled in the College of the Region of Columbia a year after moving to the U.S. to concentrate on accounting, where he received his certification in 1993. Many individuals know Guobadia from his union with Falynn Guobadia, the unscripted television show from Genuine Housewives of Atlanta. The couple married in July 2019. This was not Guobadia’s most memorable marriage, and he previously had five youngsters from previous relationships.

Simon Guobadia’s profession remains a demonstration of his capacity to explore different ventures with artfulness and key keenness. Leaving his expert process with a strong instructive establishment, Simon exhibited from the beginning that his desires arrived a long way past the normal. His introduction to business denoted the start of a direction portrayed by strong navigation and a natural comprehension of market elements.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Entrepreneurial Ventures Simon Guobadia Net Worth

When he earned his education from the College of Region Columbia, Guobadia had a beneficial spell as a public bookkeeper. He would continue to fill in as a monetary master at a few organizations before he joined the entertainment world and sought after his pioneering desires. How about we go through the excursion of the multimillionaire to perceive how he made those millions in his total assets?

Simon Guobadia’s enterprising endeavors structure a convincing part of his distinguished lifetime, set apart by a progression of key drives that exhibit his business keenness and capacity to flourish in different areas. From the origin of his pioneering venture, Simon displayed a propensity for development and a bold way of dealing with business challenges.

Financial Expert

Financial Expert Simon Guobadia Net Worth

After graduation, Simon Guobadia began working at Deloitte, an Atlanta-based organization, as a service manager. He stayed here somewhere between 2004 and 2006. While at Deloitte, he acquired a ton of involvement and improved his skills in finance, so after two years, he chose to stop the position and leap forward somewhere unexpected – turning into an entrepreneur.

In 2007, he founded his most memorable company Simon and Company (later renamed SIMCOL Petrol Restricted Organization, LLC). He was and remains the CEO of SIMCOL Petrol Restricted Organization and has expanded the brand to include various ventures.

The Atlanta-based SIMCOL brand has developed consistently over the long term and has become known as a confided in worldwide oil and planned operations business. The annual income is more than $7 million starting around 2023. Today, Simon Guobadia’s possessions remember organizations for assembling, oil and gas, environmentally friendly power, and product exchange. Over the years, he also had investments in local businesses such as:

  • The Republic
  • DAS BBQ II barbeque restaurant
  • American Cut Steakhouse

He’s also previously contributed to Twelve Music and Distributing, Simon Paige Creations, and KES Amusement Gathering. Other than his ventures, Simon Guobadia also worked at KLC Petrol Transport LLC as their chief.

Entertainment Industry

Entertainment Industry Simon Guobadia Net Worth

Soon after moving to the United States, Simon Guobadia demonstrated a wide range of skills and a talent for business. Despite his work in the business world, he also dabbled in filmmaking.

He made waves in the film industry with his successful productions inclusions:

  • Jail Dogs, a short documentary released in 2012
  • Ken Ford Live from the Buckhead Theatre, a 2013 TV special featuring Ken Ford
  • Kill, a drama mystery thriller released in 2019
  • Delivered in 2020, Child of the South is a personal show.

Aside from his job as chief maker, Simon Guobadia was co-featuring in an unscripted TV series close by Porsha Williams. Following his Instagram marriage announcement to Porsha Williams, the pair made an appearance on Porsha’s Family Matters on The Genuine Housewives of Atlanta.


Philanthropy Simon Guobadia Net Worth

Over the long term, Simon Guobadia has proven to be an effective business visionary as well as a great humanitarian. His generous endeavors span various causes, and he supports numerous causes through his Simon Guobadia Establishment. For example, Simon Guobadia is a donor to Northpoint Services, a collection of houses of worship in the Metro Atlanta area, and has made substantial contributions to educational organizations and grant programs. In February 2023, Simon and his significant other Porsha Williams went to the Pink Honors, where Porsha was a presenter on the side of breast malignant growth survivors.

Other Investments

Other Investments Simon Guobadia Net Worth

Notwithstanding his business in the gasoline business, which represents the majority of Simon Guobadia’s total assets, he has likewise put resources into other ventures, including his effective restaurants. He’s also put millions of resources into land over the long term. How about we find out what else makes his total assets $40 million today?

His introduction to various areas such as money, medical care, and perhaps even diversion has shown a determined way of dealing with risk-taking. Simon’s ability to recognize patterns and position himself decisively within developing ventures has protected his monetary remaining as well as allowed him to effectively contribute to the development of different areas. This powerful way of dealing with speculation underscores his commitment to staying on the ball and taking advantage of open doors that align with his all-encompassing monetary technique.


The absolute most rewarding undertakings of Simon Guobadia throughout the years are in the eatery business, even though he no longer claims them. The principal adventure in the business was Buckhead Jug Bar, a business in which Simon Guobadia contributed more than $3.8 million. The bar was partnered with SIMCOL Eatery Ideas and in the long run confronted monetary difficulties, which prompted its conclusion in 2014, joined by Chapter 11 procedures.

In 2017, Simon Guobadia opened his unique eating eatery called Simon’s Café. The café turned into a quick achievement because of its delectable cooking and phenomenal help. In any case, it worked during testing times, and the Coronavirus pandemic prompted its conclusion in May 2020.

Real Estate

Real Estate Simon Guobadia NEt WOrth

As we noted, Guobadia was recently married to Falynn Guobadia. During that time, the couple purchased about two estates in Atlanta. Their most memorable property was an estate in Buckhead, which they purchased for $3.36 million. After their separation, Simon Guobadia sold this property for $4.5 million. The next property was their home in Sandy Springs, Georgia, which they purchased in January 2022 for $7 million. It is unclear if they got the castle in the separation and if they sold it. We also have no idea where Simon Guobadia lives today.

Cars and Other Assets

Cars and Other Assets Simon Guobadia Net Worth

While the responsibility for the stream is not public data, Simon Guobadia has posted a couple of pictures on his Instagram account with his significant other Porsha in front of a personal luxury plane.

What we can be sure of is that he loves vehicles and his assortment is worth more than $ 2 million today. The collection includes a:

  • Phantom
  • Dawn
  • Cullinan
  • Three Rolls-Royces
  • Ferrari 812 GTS
  • Mercedes AMG S63
  • Coachmen Mauck 2 van
  • Cadillac Escalade


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Simon Guobadia is an unmistakable figure in the business world known for his exceptional achievement and key endeavors. His prominent accomplishments range different ventures, including land, innovation, and other pioneering pursuits.

Total assets fills in as a monetary metric that mirrors the complete resources and liabilities of a person. In Simon Guobadia’s case, it is a vital sign of his monetary achievement, enveloping pay sources, speculations, and remarkable accomplishments.

Simon Guobadia separates himself through a valiant way to deal with business difficulties, development, and a ground breaking outlook. His endeavors in land, innovation, and different ventures feature his versatility and key direction.

The expected future outlook direction in light of latest things and continuous ventures, for example, monetary patterns and industry shifts in anticipating his future monetary achievement.